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When we make decisions we think we’re in control, making rational choices. But are we? Behavioral economist Dan Ariely, the author of Predictably Irrational, has some interesting examples of irrational decision making. We are always looking at the things around us in relation to others. We don’t just compare things but we actually compare things […]

A few weeks ago Boy van Amstel and I had funny idea for a twitter mash-up. We would basically measure your twitter popularity in the form of a giant penis. Better know as the e-Penis. Funny enough? Well in order to see if we really created something to talk about we registered a URL: […]

When thinking about wine, smell and taste are probaly the first things to come in mind but packaging is starting to play a bigger rol these days. Madrid-based branding agency Baud made a braille-printed label of Baud’s “Lazarus Wine” wich are not merely meant for the blind; The primary objective of the design was to […]

Anyone who has been to Las Vegas will know that casinos are fascinating places. According to Kati St Clair, a business psychologist, the aim is to induce a trance-like state in gamblers. Casinos make you feel intimate, enclosed, euphoric; you’re in a suggestible state in which you want to stay where you are, continuing to […]

A few months ago I posted some cool billboards using their natural surroundings: link. Well here are a few more: Bic: Kill Bill Woodland Climbing Shoes

Monochrom asked 25 people to draw out 12 well know logo’s from memory. The results are intriguing. Try to draw the following logos yourself before clicking the links Addidas Lacoste Apple Maggi BP Peugot Coca Cola Philips Toyota Iglo

Making meaning is a book about connecting to people by placing meaning at the center of company’s culture and inovation. Meaning can be created by making use of experiences. The book discusses 15 meaningfull experiences: 1. Accomplishment When you are shopping at Ikea and you are buying a chair or table the experience doesn’t stop […]

Brand sense is a book about integrating all five senses – touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. the book starts of by telling witch company’s are already using more then the common two senses, sight and sound. The car industry for example already puts allot of money in research for the way there car sound […]

Just as scents can subconsciously influence you, sounds can do the same. They effect your mood as no other sense can. In a study published in the journal of Consumer Research, R. Millman demonstrated that de pace of music playing in the background affected service, spending and traffic flow in stores and restaurants. The slower […]



I tend to ignore most billboards as much as I can while walking in the city. But sometimes they are different. Take a look at these 3 billboard making use of their natural surroundings. They are awesome ! Playboy Leica Ford Mustang update Denver Water Eskom Elektricity