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Emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions. Emergent structures are also a common strategy found in many animal groups: colonies of ants, swarms of bees, schools of fish and the flocking of birds. Ant colonies, for example, exhibit complex behavior and have even been able […]

The simplest designs are often the most cleverest, this is definitely the case with the Eko Stoplight from designer Damjan Stankovic. Designer Damjan Stanković came up with a concept where a timer is added to stoplights. Stanković promotes this stoplight as an eco solution in the following ways: If you’ve got the amount of time […]

A few weeks ago Boy van Amstel and I had funny idea for a twitter mash-up. We would basically measure your twitter popularity in the form of a giant penis. Better know as the e-Penis. Funny enough? Well in order to see if we really created something to talk about we registered a URL: […]

Apparently, the ‘close doors’ button on most lifts does not actually work. It is there mostly to give passengers the illusion of control. We press it but the lift control mechanisms decide when the doors should actually shut according to their pre-programmed cycles. Human brains are finely tuned belief engines. Millions of years of evolution […]



Ow yeah, finaly its here! A brand new 16gb iPhone. And it’s even better then I expected. This is the best gagdet I have ever owned and I’ll defiantly write an extensive review of it when I played with it some more. For now I’am just drooling over the interface and the pretty display!