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In a recent paper by Donald Norman about the psychology of waiting lines Norman discusses the experience people have while waiting in line. How can designers make this experience better? The paper made me think of this classic story about a building where tenants were complaining about long elevator waiting times. In a multistoried office […]

Intrigued by the graphic style in Obama’s Posters I couldn’t help it but think that this poster was somewhat similar to some old war propaganda posters from Russia, Germany and The United States. Although the colors are different, the simplistic style is certainly comparable to these old posters. The simple word ‘Progress’ is also characterizing […]

When thinking about wine, smell and taste are probaly the first things to come in mind but packaging is starting to play a bigger rol these days. Madrid-based branding agency Baud made a braille-printed label of Baud’s “Lazarus Wine” wich are not merely meant for the blind; The primary objective of the design was to […]

The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries recently released an impressive isometric infographic video. In this sim-like virtual landscape they illustrate a host of food-related challenges facing Japan. Amazing video! This started my quest for some more isometric infographic video’s, watch them below! Ensuring the Future of Food Nuclear energy technology Royksopp – “Remind […]