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14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands. Dance connects humanity as one! Advertisements

Going on a vacation this summer? Just bought that expensive and fancy camera? Take a look at these amazing photo’s. And remember the following tip when taking photo’s: Try to use a different perspective on your object.

Monochrom asked 25 people to draw out 12 well know logo’s from memory. The results are intriguing. Try to draw the following logos yourself before clicking the links Addidas Lacoste Apple Maggi BP Peugot Coca Cola Philips Toyota Iglo

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, tells the story about making stories stick. One of the subject they discuss is the curse of knowlegde. Elizabeth Newton, a psychologist, conducted an experiment on the curse of knowledge while working on her doctorate at Stanford in 1990. She gave one set of people, […]

Wierdest news item I have seen in while in a dutch newspaper called “de pers”. They removed lots of vowels to make to title fit in the space instead of using a smaller fonttype. Intresting experiment because most people still can read the title perfectly fine. Barack Obama zoekt vicepresident (Barack Obama searches vicepresident)

Yesterday I saw the first football match of the Netherland against Italie in the european championships. And it was great! It’s always nice to see a good match but with some friends and beer its a total different experience. To surf with the football hype Wieden+Kennedy recently made this viral video for Fifa street 3, […]

BMW recently put out an video about a new design concept. The GINA is a roadster concept on which the usual body sheet metal found on production vehicles such as bonnet, side panels and doors have been all replaced with a special, flexible, highly durable and extremely expansion-resistant fabric material that stretches across a metal […]

The iPhone puts context over consistency. They didn’t put the music store icon where consistency tells you to put it. That would be on the left side. They put it where context tells you to put it. On the right side right above the iPod icon. Even the icon’s arrow points right down to the […]

Great Design


After reading The design of everyday things by Donald Norman about a year ago it openend my eyes to some badly designed products. But on the other end where some great designs. Mostly products that were context based or using some other form of feedback as usual. Take a look at these examples: Geat package […]

Making meaning is a book about connecting to people by placing meaning at the center of company’s culture and inovation. Meaning can be created by making use of experiences. The book discusses 15 meaningfull experiences: 1. Accomplishment When you are shopping at Ikea and you are buying a chair or table the experience doesn’t stop […]