The Subconscious Brain: Sound


Just as scents can subconsciously influence you, sounds can do the same. They effect your mood as no other sense can.

In a study published in the journal of Consumer Research, R. Millman demonstrated that de pace of music playing in the background affected service, spending and traffic flow in stores and restaurants. The slower the music the more people spend, the faster the tempo, the less they spend. Related studies showed longer dining times in restaurant with slow music.

In another experiment where local residents noticed a high rise in street crime they used sound to tackle the problem. So instead of more-police, greater security the played classical music on the street corners. In less than one week the town reported a dramatic decrease in crime.

In casino’s they increased the sound of a slot machines whirs and jingles to increase spending. It’s the sound of coins popping in and flowing out of the machine that created the ambience of a casino. The sound creates excitment and calls attention to the area. It lets people know other poeple are winnning.
In my own experience the sound in the casino’s is one of my strongest memories of Las Vegas.

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