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Just registered myself for this conference about mobility on may the 22nd. They got some great speakers so I hope it’s going to be a fun and learn-full day!

Check out the speakers:

Ben Cerveny
Ben Cerveny used to be lead designer at Flickr. Being a ‘Play’ expert, he added the the fun factor to Flickr. Nowadays he is working at Playground Foundation, a research organisation on the subject of play, interaction and urban space. Beside this, Ben works on a book on Games as System Models.
At The Web and Beyond 2008: Mobility the title of Ben’s presentation will be ‘Models of urban dynamics’.

Jyri Engström
Jyri Engeström is founder of Jaiku (website, fact sheet): ‘an activity stream and presence sharing service’ and thus a competitor of Twitter. After Google incorporated Jaiku in late 2007, Jyri moved from Helsinki to San Fransisco.
‘Nodal points’ will be the subject of Jyri’s presentation at The Web and Beyond 2008: Mobility.

Adam Greenfield
Adam Greenfield is writing his second book The city is here for you to use: Urban form and experience in the age of ubiquitous computing. His first book Everyware: The dawning of ubiquitous computing describes a world of smart spaces in which everything communicates with everything, and the way designers have to anticipate. Adam’s presentation at The Web and Beyond 2008: Mobility will be called ‘The city is here for you to use’.

Christian Lindholm
Christian works with Fjord – the Convergence Design Agency – in Londen. This agency assisted him, in his former position as Vice President of Global Mobile Products at Yahoo!Mobile, with the development of Yahoo!Go, Yahoo!’s mobile platform.
Previously, Christian held several positions at Nokia. He invented the Nokia Navi-key user interface, the Nokia Series 60 user interface and Nokia LifeBlog: a multimedia diary service. The title of Christian’s presentation at The Web and Beyond 2008: Mobility will be ‘The new mobility’.

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  1. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Rejuvenation!!!

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